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Sara S. | Michigan Group | Central Michigan University

When I set my mind on something, it gives me the drive to get it done. It’s why Enterprise Mobility is a great place for me – I’ve moved so fast and done so well, it’s one of my proudest accomplishments. I’ve been a manager in different places, learning all the ins and outs of our business.

You can learn something new every day, because everybody has something to teach you. And they know – from the very top down – that employees are the reason that we are such a successful company. So everyone is invested in each other’s future success.

My Career Tips

"It sounds obvious, but good communication skills are critical. You’ll use them on a daily basis with customers, clients and co-workers."

"Some days are going to be hard. One situation isn’t going to break you. The important thing is that you learn from it and move on."

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Sara, assisting a customer
Sara with customer at the Enterprise welcome desk