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Monica C. | Dallas Group | University of Texas - Austin | U.S. Army Veteran

I’ve always been quick on my feet – from running track in school to working as a server during college. Looking back on these prior experiences, it’s like they’ve all played roles in preparing me for my Enterprise Mobility career. To me, it’s no surprise I’ve been able to grow my career at Enterprise Mobility. I’ve developed my competitive drive. Gained critical people skills. And learned how to handle any situation.

Like managing a fleet of vehicles across multiple branch locations. Or, training and developing the Branch Managers of the locations I oversee. And, making sure we deliver the best service to our customers.

These are just a few examples of how I have been able to use skills I learned before Enterprise Mobility to be successful at Enterprise Mobility.

My Career Tips

"To continue growing in your career, you have to find new ways to challenge yourself."

"Gaining knowledge about the business is how you're going to get to the next level, so take everything in."

"Try to look at the big picture. Every task you do will influence your career in the long term."

"Create your own management style. You'll move around and work under different managers, but there is something to learn from each of them."

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Monica helping customer at welcome desk