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Tom G. Southern California Group | California State University, Long Beach

After college, I was looking for a company I could grow with. I was used to a competitive environment growing up, so I wanted to join a team that would feed my competitive needs. I was really attracted to Enterprise Mobility because of their growth opportunities, and that’s why I took the job.

I have an eye disease that is causing me to lose my eyesight over time. When it was no longer safe for me to drive — which can be a difficult hurdle to overcome as a sales employee — Enterprise Mobility ensured that I had what I needed to continue to be successful in my role. I’m able to do most of my job over the phone, and I know that Enterprise Mobility values me and wants to see me succeed.

My Career Tips

"Help others be better. Whether it’s your coworkers or the people you manage, pushing people to always be better is something that helps you thrive at Enterprise."

"Don't ever give up"

"Have a great work ethic — it will make you a success in the company."


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